Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alberta Universities take funding cuts to promote Conservive Agenda! Albertans relegated to second class citizenship.

The news is alive with funding cuts to our universities.  I have left it for you to pick your own links.

These cuts represent the very softest targets for the Torys.  Most people at the universities vote for parties other than Conservative (I choose to think because they are enlightened) so cutting them to the point of putting them out of business is the best idea Morton could come up with according to Tory insiders.  Universities are a soft target-no vote losses there.

There is more!

About 10 years ago now, the Conservatives paid big bucks to get the opinions of experts regarding the expansion of industry in Alberta.   They were told that Alberta could not support larger industries because we did not have the educated population that is needed to build these same industries.  We were not graduating enough Doctors and Engineers to grow!

Those years passed and the Conservatives found it is cheaper and easier to higher the professionals from Namibia, China and the Philippians than it was to educate our own.

You will recall when the latest boom started Alberta kids were encouraged to leave school to work as labour in the construction and oil fields.

Now, those jobs are gone, the same kids are back home with their parents looking for work; any kind of work and the Conservatives are cutting funding to the universities in the event that any of these kids managed to get there.

Why any one in this province would consider voting Conservative is beyond me.  Why anyone in this province would go to an even more extreme group, the Wild Rose Part is also beyond me.

And for those of you who though it was not worth while for you to vote, perhaps you will think again the next time you have a chance.
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