Friday, January 15, 2010

Alberta New Cabinet sworn in.

Canada should pay attention to this one!

Ted Morton was co-author(With other members of the WRP) of the infamous "Alberta Firewall" some of the highlights are do away with making balance of payments-Alberta pays too much; Opt out of the Canada Pension Fund as an Alberta Fund would invest (as in finance) Alberta only.

In the WRP and Ted Mortons world, any money spent on any kind of welfare progarms are a waste. We can expect this group to be the first hit.

Even our new health minister has said off the mark that he really isn't in charge, Finance minister is.  

This means the Government will cut any number of goods and services to cities and communities. This in turn will force theses cities and communities to increase the costs of electricity, water and sewage to make up the losses.

All this while Alberta fosters the lowest resource royalty in the world. Our basis is now down to 19% less payment in kind in bitumen on which we get 48 cents per barrel. We get more money on bottle returns!  

Saskatchewan and BC both collect 30% US dollars. As you can see we are less than 1/2 of our neighbors. Alberta is the Conservative dream! If you let Harper run away with the Federal end you are in for much of the same!
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