Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alberta Flu Shots part of privitztion program.

Underfund; under staff; close facilities and tell the population private is the only way to go! This is good thinking as a Conservative.

Flu Shots are slow to start in Alberta putting pressure on unusually few facilities. This has caused Pharmacies like London Drug to charge a reported 18.00 per shot for standard flu shots. They (London Drugs) explain they asked the Government for the coin and were refused.

In keeping with this plan, a major grocery chain is also giving flu shots but for 12.00.

Most countries instruct people to stay away from crowded situations as the first line of defense. Some suggest their populations wear face masks in public.

In order to force their privatization envelope one step forward Alberta has forced people into long crowded lineups or forced them to wait in halls and large rooms a couple hundred people at a time. Some are sneezing, sweating and living the life in an enclosed space.

I would not be surprised at all to hear stats that Alberta tops canada with the number of sick and dead this year. All because of policy, not medicine!

Those of you who voted Conservative must surly be shaking your heads now? And if you think those very extreme people in the Wild Rose Party are going to give you any relief you have been very misguided!

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