Monday, July 06, 2009

Alberta Heath Care prepared health coverage cuts!

Alberta is setting the stage to introduce health coverage cuts , Alberta has artificially increased the health care costs of Alberta Health by building multi million dollar hospitals that remain vacant and by flipping the name of the Capital Health Authority several times and paying the executives leaving the previous organization multi millions of dollars in severance packages while investing still more multi millions into new executives.

These are political expenses, not health care expenses.

The Capital Health authority produced a long list of services to delist from Alberta Health Care. To date, only the seniors portions have been somewhat introduced. The hammer will fall after the meeting captioned here.

Consider these guys have privatized all the hospitals and clinics while telling the world the electorate told them they didn't care if they were private or public only that they were public funded.

Well, now is the time to start turning off the public funding. You will be forced into Blue cross for coverage and, I would guess you will find new entries into that market. I don't think the broad list of dolts that make up this meeting are going to ask any questions, enough they got invited.
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