Monday, May 04, 2009

Alberta on the verge of broke!

Yes, it is a sign of our economic health in this province.

First, we seen the trial balloon on Alberta Bonds. Governments issue bonds to raise money usually when they are broke. If this Government was in the least interested in putting money into Alberta pockets, they would increase the royalty to the same level that BC and Saskatchewan are. Instead we remain 35% below them. Over 20 Billion dollars of revenue that should have been in Alberta coffers has gone to the oil and gas companies!

Short of cash they hit on the poor and frail first. Cut rent assistance's.
The rents have not come down in Alberta. The only thing that has changed is a lot of people have gone home to other parts of Canada.

Short of cash they put in a new level of sin taxes.

Short of cash they increased the Blue Cross rates.

Short of cash the use the opportunity to activate some of the long sitting lists on what not to cover through Alberta Health care. Those of you out there that think this is a senior problem, think again. It is the first step into your pockets as well.

The list goes on. The bottom line is the Conservatives has driven the province into the ground through financial mismanagement. We make more on gambling than we do on resources.

Short on cash they bleed the Heritage Trust fund; the Sustainabilty fund and I think even the pensions will be used to finance opeations before this show is over.

Even the usually politically blind and deaf conservatives should be shaking their heads now.

Dig in! The worse is yet to come!
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