Friday, January 16, 2009

Alberta Shock Doctrine is under way!

“As in the Klein days we have to come to terms with the 38.00 barrel of oil” says Stelmach.

In Klein’s days, Alberta would have collected 25% US $ in royalty.
Thanks to Stelmach we collect only 19% in Canadian Funds.
This is a full 50% reduction in our take on royalty, thanks to Stelmach and Knight!
The figures; today’s exchange at .80 cents.
Under Stelmach:
38.00 US oil pays Alberta at 19% or 5.78 Canadian.
Under Klein:
38.00 US oil pays Alberta at 25% or 9.50 US which is 11.88 Canadian.
And as I said earlier, you as citizens of this province are going to be asked to make up the difference.
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