Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gas Prices hit 4 year low!

With the price of oil at 37.67 US Alberta presently keeps 19% Canadian which is 4.87 cents US and the oil companies take 32.80 US.

Based on 2 million barrels per day (tar sands and conventional) means that Alberta will get 9.7 million dollars per day in royalty.

Under our contract before the "new deal fair for all" came in Alberta would have received 7.77 per barrel US dollars.

Mel knight and company have given away nearly 50% of our revenue to the oil companies!

Using present day figures we would have received under our orignal deal 18,835,000 US dollars per day. At these rates that is 4.5 billion dollars per year that should have been in Alberta Treasury that is in the OIl coffers!

The worse is yet to come.

The "new deal" comes in January 1/2009 The new deal puts the royalty back up to our origianl 25% but the exchange remains Canadian dollars. I'm pretty sure we won't see it!
Mel Knight is making noises in the media about further assistance to the oil companies. In the new year.

At the same time they have legislation in place for the new year to make all dealings on royalty and literally any other business with the oil companies "secret".

This means we will not know of changes until we loose our services or are taxed to oblivian.

Having watched this pack of outright lies unfold, how could you possibly beleive anything that comes from the mouth of this Government? Keep in mind the recent helath care dribble.

To the PC rank and file I ask, "What in hell is the matter with your heads? They have lied to you constantly for 15 years and you just keep on taking the beating!"
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