Friday, April 20, 2007

Alberta 2007 Budget

This isn’t a simple provincial budget. It is however one of the best laid out defensive propaganda papers this crew has ever come up with at the centre of which is the infamous “Debt Reduction Program”

This crew has only one objective and that is to privatize everything that wiggles in this province and, to hell with the expense. Look to their record, you cannot possibly believe otherwise. They will sell this province out from under you to achieve just that.

To set the stage for the rip off of resource this Government deliberately ran up debt on doubtful capital costs and investments part of which was selling off provincial properties at fire sale prices. Warehouses and hospitals included in this.

This same party time group all but emptied the Heritage Savings and Trust fund. By sapping off any loose cash or short term investment it was set up for privatization..

At this point they were able to site debt as a problem and put their large scale privatization plans into effect. Seize control of the Power lines under the guise of equally funding all schools for computers and tech supplies. You know what happened to the power lines.

Parks and camping sites are now too expensive to maintain. Sell them off to friends under a great fan fair of these same properties being private as they should be. Gone were the millions of dollars of improvements that went into these same facilities. Up went the debt. I say friends, buddies because there was no public opening of bids and no publication of bids in these sales.

With the resource figures of 25% for Alberta 75% for the oil companies now public this Government wants to set the stage for a public hearing into royalties on oil where the problem is all the resources.

They are spinning a down side story about reduced oil revenues because of lower energy prices. There is absolutely no evidence this is going to happen and, all evidence would lead one to believe just the opposite is going to come about. High prices as far as the mind can take you. This is what the oil companies are telling their stock holders.

25% for the Alberta share should be 40% at any price per joule. All Alberta energy is priced on the BTU capability of the fuel. It is not a mind stretch to see how low the royalties on other utilities are!

You can catch a glimpse here of what is going to happen to your water and can see the very dark future here with Harper dealing away your rights to the US.

Cause the problem so you can have something to fix at an opportune time.

These saboteurs have killed people on the highways and in our hospitals in order to play their privatizing games. I don’t see heroes in this budget. Their present infrastructure plans and the grossly overheated economy leave the stage set for 3 rd party investment.

We can’t find workers so turn the schools roads etc. over to a Bechtel or Slumberger to build and rent back to us forever.

John Clark
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