Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stelmach side steps royality hearings.

Stelmach dodges honest royalty hearings! There will be none until they are safely or not so safe behind still another election.

Private memo to Ed Stelmach January 6/07
“I am going to post the oil revenues (based on production figures) in advance of Mr. Oberg’s hearings around the country”

MP meeting called for inCalgary.

Media release (radio) in Calgary January 18/07

“Calgary meeting of MPs turned out very good says spoksman” etc. “a good chance of an election call in the spring” (copies available upon request)

The Conservatives have decided to treat the promise for a royalty review as they treated the health care before the last election. Their plan is obviously to delay the public review until after they receive a new mandate (as is their hope) at which point they will give a token increase to royalties (arguably nothing) and surround you with their BS.

Their track record of lies, misdirection is going forward under Stelmach with no changes.

Same old crew; same old games!

John Clark
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